Welcome to the New CapeCodNightlife.com!

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally updated! When we started this site back in early 2006, we aimed to be Cape Cod’s #1 nightlife source. Since then, we have been the website for you to find out what’s happening at the bars and clubs on Cape Cod.

Screenshot of the original Cape Cod Nightlife website from November 3, 2006

As you can see from the screenshot alot has changed since 2006. Harry’s was still around, Rumrunner’s was the Captain’s Club (it is now Rumrunner’s again) and Myspace was the social media hotspot.

Since so much has changed, we figured we’d better get with the times. So we redesigned the entire CapeCodNightlife.com site from the ground up.

The core focus of this site has always been our events schedule. The whole reason we started this site was because there wasn’t one Cape Cod website you could go to to find out what’s happening on any given night. The old website had an events schedule, but it was kind of single digit 2000s…

So, when we decided to redo the site, we kept our focus on the event schedule. Some of the improvements are that all the events are linked to their respective locations, every bar, club and venue has it’s own place page, we added maps and driving directions to the individual event and place pages, we got rid of much of the fluff and stripped the site down to make it faster, easier to navigate and mobile friendly.

Some major changes were necessary to maintain the integrity of the site and to make it easier for us to manage. One of the big changes is that we got rid of the membership system. The old site was getting many bogus spam accounts and the software needed to be replaced. Plus, with social media everybody has enough memberships these days.

Another thing that was a key component of the old site was the gig and band flyers, but the old site layout was too narrow to fit the large band flyer images. So we got rid of the side columns and went with a full width layout on the individual event pages to accommodate large promotional images. We also preserved the band flyer image archives from the old site (hundreds of them). Maybe we’ll do some archive posts on the new blog or something.

We hope you will bookmark us and come back here often to find out what’s happening on the local Cape Cod nightlife scene any night you’re going to head out. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and tell all your friends!

PS: Hit us up on your phone for the heads up before you head out!


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